Speak the Word and Set Me Free
Speak the Word and Set Me Free John Newton, 1779 from Olney Hymns, No. 44 Savior, shine and cheer my soul,,Bid my dying hopes revive;,Make my wounded spirit whole,,Far away the tempter drive:,Speak the word and set me free,,Let me live alone to thee.,,(Chorus:),Speak the word and set me free!,Let me live alone to thee.,,Shall I sigh and pray in vain,,Will you still refuse to hear;,Will you not return again,,Must I yield to black despair?,You have taught my heart to pray,,Can you turn your face away?,,(chorus),,Once I thought my mountain strong,,Firmly fixed no more to move;,Then your grace was all my song,,Then my soul was filled with love:,Those were happy golden days,,Sweetly spent in prayer and praise.,,(chorus),,When my friends have said,,"Beware, Soon or late you'll find a change";,I could see no cause for fear,,Vain their caution seemed and strange;,Not a cloud obscured my sky,,Could I think a tempest nigh?,,(chorus),,Little, then, myself I knew,,Little thought of Satan's power;,Now I find their words were true,,Now I feel the stormy hour!,Sin has put my joys to flight,,Sin has changed my day to night.,,(chorus),,Satan asks, and mocks my woe,,"Boaster, where is now your God?",Silence, Lord, this cruel foe,,Let him know I'm bought with blood:,Tell him, since I know your name,,Though I change, you are the same.,,(chorus)
Savior shine and cheer my soul, / Bid my dying hopes revive / Make my wounded spirit whole, / Far away the tempter drive...