O God, You Are My God Alone

Words:  James Montgomery, 1822. Alt. Davide C. Marney, 1995

Music:  Davide C. Marney, 1995

Sheet Music:




O God, you are my God alone;
Early to thee my soul shall cry;
A pilgrim in a land unknown,
A thirsty land whose springs are dry.

O that it were as it has been!
When, praying in the holy place,
Thy pow'r and glory I have seen,
And marked the footsteps of they grace.

Yet, through this rough and thorny maze,
I follow hard on thee, my God:
Thy hand, unseen upholds my ways,
I safely tred where you have trod.

Thee, in the watches of the night,
When I remember on my bed,
Thy presence makes the darkness light,
Thy guardian wings are round my head.