Words:  Janet A. Marney, 2013

Music:  Davide C. Marney, 2010

Sheet Music:



You came to earth,
You came for me.
You laid down Your life
To set me free!
"I love you," You said,
"With everlasting love,"
By mercy, O Lord.

I did not seek
Your holy face;
My proud heart was cold,
My life a disgrace.
Yet mercy and love
Met justice in my place.
Your mercy, O Lord.

The humble Son
Died on a cross
To conquer my pride,
To count it loss.
Your body, the bread,
The cup, the blood
You shed In mercy, O Lord.

All that I am
All I can do,
My heart, my soul, my strength
I owe to You.
O show me how to walk
In everlasting love
With mercy, O Lord.